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Birds of Prey

TL/DR version. I wanted very much to love this, but it was terrible. I barely got through the opening credits and I already wanted to go home. Holy whining, Batman! This movie is just one big whine fest. Margot, whiner. Ewan, whiner. Ewan's sidekick, whiner. Margot's sidekick kid, whiner. Whine, whine, whine. Everyone is whining. Yes, there are some badass women in this film doing some badass things. I'm HERE for that. However the awfulness of the entire presentation could not be saved by a few badass characters. Ok, so I didn't like all. Aside from perhaps the most gorgeous of all egg sandwiches ever seen on screen, and the occasional laugh (Voted for Bernie, I shaved my balls for this), this was a tough slog to sit through. Read on if you want spoilers and more of the same. Background, I did NOT see 'Suicide Squad.' I consulted a couple of sources, and was told it really wasn't necessary. One such source, who I ended up seeing this with,